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online bscpss degree

Bachelor of Science in Correctional Program Support Services

online bsc degree

Bachelor of Science in Correctional Program Support Services

Bachelor's degree

4 years



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准备好从事社区支持、公共服务和刑事司法的交叉职业吧. ope体育官网可定制的惩教项目支持服务理学学士学位为您提供管理案件的技能, 促进项目,解决受刑事司法系统影响的人们的需求.

这个转学友好项目的课程只有5周的时间,所以他们可以适应你繁忙的生活. Plus, 没有申请费, 无SAT考试要求, and we’ll even request your prior college transcripts for you.

  • 循证实践

  • Advocacy

  • Service delivery

  • Behavioral health



Learning shouldn’t take years to put into practice. 这就是为什么ope体育官网每五到六周的课程都能让你培养与职业相关的技能.

We’ve worked with labor market researchers like Lightcast to find in-demand skills for occupations and mapped those to our related bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. 在你攻读学位的过程中,几周而不是几年就可以展示你的新技能.

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ope的基础学习. 学生为实现教育目标制定个人策略,培养批判性思维技能, collaboration, and communication.","title":"Foundations for University Success"},{"name":"PSY/110","description":"Psychology of Learning","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"The course introduces theories and concepts in psychology that will foster academic success and provide students with opportunities to synthesize and apply that knowledge.","title":"Psychology of Learning"},{"name":"ENG/110","description":"English Composition I","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"这门课程拓展了阅读, writing, 批判性思维技能对于学术和生活的成功至关重要.","title":"English Composition I"},{"name":"HUM/115","description":"Critical Thinking in Everyday Life","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"学生学习如何批判性地思考, 专注于开发必要的工具和技能来分析问题, make decisions, and formulate well-supported points of view on key academic, social, 以及专业问题.","title":"Critical Thinking in Everyday Life"},{"name":"FP/100T","description":"Everyday Economics and Finances","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course introduces students to thinking about and working with numbers by examining the day-to-day and societal importance of money.","title":"Everyday Economics and Finances"},{"name":"ENG/210","description":"English Composition II","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程扩展了批判性阅读、写作和思考的练习. Emphasis is given to developing an effective writing process that takes into account audience and rhetorical purpose.","title":"English Composition II"},{"name":"SOC/110","description":"Teamwork, Collaboration, and Conflict Resolution","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程提供团队建设、协作和冲突解决的实用方法. 学生必须在学术和专业环境中理解和应用这些概念. 学生开发结构、流程和策略,以创建和维护有效的团队. 性别,文化和个人因素在团队动态也进行了探讨.","title":"Teamwork, Collaboration, and Conflict Resolution"},{"name":"SCI/163T","description":"Elements of Health and Wellness","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程提供全面健康的关键组成部分的概述. 基于一个预防模型, 该课程将允许学习者探索促进健康的选择,目标是活得更长、更好.","title":"Elements of Health and Wellness"},{"name":"HUM/186","description":"Media Influences on American Culture","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程介绍了影响和影响社会的最突出的媒体形式, business, political, and popular culture in contemporary America. It explores the unique aspects of each medium as well as interactions across various media that combine to create rich environments for information sharing, entertainment, business, 以及在美国和世界各地的社会互动.","title":"Media Influences on American Culture"},{"name":"ENV/100T","description":"Principles of Environmental Science","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course will introduce students to the scientific principles that are required to identify environmental phenomenon. Students will explore the composition and processes of Earth\u0027s lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, 和生物圈,以审查环境影响和减轻环境风险.","title":"Principles of Environmental Science"},{"name":"MTH/215T","description":"Quantitative Reasoning I","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"学生运用先进的定量推理技能来解决现实问题. This course emphasizes modeling skills, statistical methods, 以及创造的概率, analyze, 沟通解决方案.","title":"Quantitative Reasoning I"},{"name":"MTH/216T","description":"Quantitative Reasoning II","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This applications-driven course prepares students to critically analyze and solve problems using quantitative reasoning. Students approach real-world scenarios using numerous reasoning skills and mathematical literacy to draw conclusions.","title":"Quantitative Reasoning II"}],"defaultCoreCourseList":[{"name":"CPSS/210","description":"Introduction to Criminal Justice","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程概述了地方政府的组织和管辖范围, state, 联邦执法部门, the judicial system, 以及涉及刑事司法系统的惩教机构. 影响刑事司法系统的特别问题,包括预防工作, recidivism, and evidence-based practices are reviewed.","title":"Introduction to Criminal Justice"},{"name":"CPSS/215","description":"Survey of Corrections in the United States","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course is an introduction to the various components of the corrections system within the criminal justice system. 它提供了更正的概述, including corrections history and the persons, agencies, and organizations that manage convicted offenders. Other topics that are covered include policy and procedure, sentencing, community supervision, 以及囚犯的改造.","title":"Survey of Corrections in the United States"},{"name":"CPSS/240","description":"Foundations of Criminal Behavior","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程重点介绍犯罪行为的成因及对犯罪行为的理论解释. 向学生介绍犯罪学的调查方法和审查几种不同的犯罪分类. 学生们还考虑犯罪学的各种方法对公共政策的影响.","title":"Foundations of Criminal Behavior"},{"name":"CPSS/300","description":"Working with the Correctional Population","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course provides an overview of correctional populations, 并讨论伦理问题, legal, and security aspects of the profession, including inmate manipulation and games.","title":"Working With the Correctional Population"},{"name":"CPSS/316","description":"Social Psychology and Criminal Behavior","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course provides a unified view of the field of social psychology as it relates to the development of criminogenic factors and criminal behavior. 它提出了社会影响和群体思维的概念,因为它们与人类思想有关, feelings, and actions.","title":"Social Psychology and Criminal Behavior"},{"name":"CPSS/331","description":"Ethics and Values for Support Services Professionals","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程概述了人类服务的道德标准, criminal justice, 以及心理健康组织. Students will explore and examine their personal values, beliefs, 以及与不同社会群体相关的偏见.","title":"Ethics and Values for Support Services Professionals"},{"name":"CPSS/332","description":"Diversity and Special Populations","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程对不同人群进行了包容、批判性和平衡的考察. 本课程的重点是内隐与外显的多元文化因素. Students will examine personal beliefs, values, 在与多样化和特殊人群合作时,制定适合文化的策略.","title":"Diversity and Special Populations"},{"name":"CPSS/370","description":"Intake, Assessment, and Classification","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course introduces students to the purpose, philosophy, 以及摄入的功能, assessment, and classification within the correctional system. 学生调查多种工具,以确定风险和监禁个人的需求.","title":"Intake, Assessment, and Classification"},{"name":"CPSS/385","description":"Case Planning and Case Management","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程将培养学生为惩教系统中的个人制定和管理案例计划, based on specific risk, needs, and resources. 学生将研究影响案例规划和管理的因素.","title":"Case Planning and Case Management"},{"name":"CPSS/395","description":"Program Facilitation Skills","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course identifies the variety of facilitation skills necessary for promoting positive behavioral change in inmates and offenders. 学生探索准专业和专业课程服务之间的区别.","title":"Program Facilitation Skills"},{"name":"CPSS/410","description":"Overview of Mental Health in Criminal Justice","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to theories and research concerning psychopathology. The course will address such topics the classification of abnormal behaviors into various diagnostic categories; the etiologies (causes) of psychological disorders; and an overview of major models of prevention, intervention, 以及刑事司法系统中精神健康问题的治疗","title":"Overview of Mental Health in Criminal Justice"},{"name":"CPSS/415","description":"Working with Juvenile Offenders","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程将帮助学生应对与少年犯打交道的挑战. 学生将研究不同的监督策略, classification systems, custodial relationship, and the unique role of the family with juvenile offenders.","title":"Working With Juvenile Offenders"},{"name":"CPSS/420","description":"Issues of Substance Abuse and Addiction","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程探讨药物滥用和成瘾的历史, including the effects of addiction on individuals, families, and communities. 主题包括关于成瘾的国家和国际观点和策略, as well as their relationship to the judicial system. 本课程包括主要预防模式的概述, intervention, rehabilitation, 保养和预防复发.","title":"Issues of Substance Abuse and Addiction"},{"name":"CPSS/400","description":"Institutional and Community-Based Programs","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course provides an overview of the continuum of programs and interventions in both institutional and community-based settings. 它还探讨了决定项目安置的风险/需求评估过程.","title":"Institutional and Community-Based Programs"}],"defaultElectiveCourseList":[{"name":"SOC/262","description":"Contemporary American Society","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程的学生将探索种族的含义, culture, and diversity within the context of society. Students will be introduced to racial and ethnic relations, prejudice, stereotypes, discrimination, and adaptation and conflict in diverse cultures.","title":"Contemporary American Society"},{"name":"POL/115","description":"American National Government","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course introduces students to the constitutional foundations and governing institutions of the federal government. Throughout the course, students address common political themes, such as the nature and scope of governance, democracy, 以及政治行为模式.","title":"American National Government"},{"name":"SOC/100","description":"Introduction to Sociology","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course is an introduction to the set of perspectives on human life that allows us to understand how our personal lives are affected by our place in society. It explores ways of looking at the world that allow us to understand how the events and experiences of our lives are part of group dynamics, of social institutions, 以及文化意义. It allows us to see personal events and meanings as affected by historical forces and to see how historical events may be shaped by personal choices.","title":"Introduction to Sociology"},{"name":"ARTS/100","description":"Introduction to the Visual and Performing Arts","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程探讨视觉和表演艺术(包括音乐)的传统和发展, dance, theater, cinema, visual arts, and architecture. Students will be introduced to the elements of each genre, 以及它在西欧传统中的历史发展概况.","title":"Introduction to the Visual and Performing Arts"},{"name":"POL/215","description":"State and Local Political Processes","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程为学生提供组织的介绍, administration, and functions of American state and local governments. 分析了州政府与联邦政府之间的关系.","title":"State and Local Political Processes"},{"name":"SCI/220T","description":"Human Nutrition","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course introduces the basic concepts of human nutrition to highlight ways that students can integrate healthy nutrition into their lifestyles. 消化和吸收的原则, 营养素的功能, 生命周期营养实践, disease prevention, diet modifications, 体重管理也包括在内. Practical application of these principles to the students\u0027 lives is emphasized.","title":"Human Nutrition"},{"name":"PSY/203T","description":"Foundations of Psychology","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程概述了心理学的基础,因为该领域应用于日常生活. The physical and mental aspects of psychology are traced through lifespan development with emphasis on psychological health and wellness. Further study focuses on personality; thinking, learning and memory; motivation and emotions; and gender and sexuality. 基于不同的历史传统, 本课程以当代心理学原理为背景.","title":"Foundations of Psychology"},{"name":"PSY/250","description":"Psychology of Personality","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course is an introduction to the study of personality. 本课程探讨理解人格发展的理论解释,并探讨每个理论. The course also investigates how personality is assessed. The focus is on approaches that psychology has developed for understanding personality and on applications for organizational processes.","title":"Psychology of Personality"},{"name":"PSY/205T","description":"Life Span Human Development","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course focuses on a historical view of human development leading to the current life span approach to form an understanding of the developing individual, and it explores influences on human development, ranging from individual models to cross-cultural groups. 重点是个性, social, intellectual, 和身体发育, 主要的理论用来描述人们在一生中是如何变化的.","title":"Life Span Human Development"},{"name":"REL/133","description":"World Religious Traditions I","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"这门课程提供了主要历史发展的概览, structural cosmology, 符号的解释, 以及印度教的价值观, Buddhist, Taoist, Confucian, and Shinto traditions.","title":"World Religious Traditions I"},{"name":"REL/134","description":"World Religious Traditions II","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程提供主要历史发展的概览, structural cosmology, 符号的解释, 和犹太教的价值观, Christian, 和伊斯兰宗教传统.","title":"World Religious Traditions II"},{"name":"HUM/105","description":"World Mythology","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程概述了神话及其与古代和现代文化的关系. The course covers the purposes and types of myths, the development of myths and mythological characters, the common elements of mythological structures, 神话:神话中神和圣地的主要特征, contemporary theories of myths and mythology, 以及神话和神话结构如何塑造当代文化.","title":"World Mythology"},{"name":"HST/175","description":"The American Experience Since 1945","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course is an overview of the principal social, political, economic, 以及二战以来影响美国经历的全球事件. Understanding modern American history is a necessity in today\u0027s ever-changing world. 本课程旨在提供理解当前政治的工具, social, cultural, 以及美国的经济问题.S. 运用历史的视角分析当代问题.","title":"The American Experience Since 1945"},{"name":"SOC/315","description":"Cultural Diversity","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程主要讨论美国经济发展所带来的问题、挑战和机遇.S. population diversity. 与员工性别多样性有关的工作场所问题, race or ethnicity, socioeconomic class, 强调文化背景.","title":"Cultural Diversity"}],"showDatesCopy":"false","hideCourseDetailsLinks":"false","courseDetailsColor":null,"skillMappedProgram":"true","skillLink":"/content/edu/us/en/online-degrees/skills-aligned-learning.html","enableDateLookahead":"false","defaultGenEdCategoryDescription":"These courses lay the foundation for all our degree programs. Because communication, math and writing skills aren’t just universally applicable in correctional program support services — they’re useful in daily life.","defaultCoreCategoryDescription":"在这里您将获得大部分特定于程序的知识. 在你完成这些课程的时候, 你应该有在矫正环境中所需要的信心和技能.","defaultElectiveCategoryDescription":"选修课程可以让你了解你感兴趣的话题, whether they’re related to your degree or not. 这意味着你将拥有一个独特的学位,适合你和你的教育目标.","overrideGeneralHeadingFlag":"true","generalHeading":"12门通识教育课程","overrideCoreHeadingFlag":"true","coreHeading":"14 Core courses","overrideElectiveHeadingFlag":"true","electiveHeading":"14 Elective courses","overrideGeneralDescriptionFlag":"true","generalDescription":"These courses lay the foundation for all our degree programs. Because communication, math and writing skills aren’t just universally applicable in correctional program support services — they’re useful in daily life.","overrideCoreDescriptionFlag":"true","coreDescription":"在这里您将获得大部分特定于程序的知识. 在你完成这些课程的时候, 你应该有在矫正环境中所需要的信心和技能.","overrideElectiveDescriptionFlag":"true","electiveDescription":"选修课程可以让你了解你感兴趣的话题, whether they’re related to your degree or not. 这意味着你将拥有一个独特的学位,适合你和你的教育目标."}'>

What you'll learn

当你获得你的校园或在线学士或科学在惩教计划支持服务, 你将掌握一套具体的技能,可以应用到工作中.

You’ll learn how to:

  • 分析与社区中不同个体合作的循证实践和趋势, human services, 以及机构设置.
  • Integrate knowledge, skills, and theory for structuring and administering direct service delivery and use of appropriate interventions with clients.
  • Apply ethical decision-making models when resolving problems and/or issues related to providing support services and advocacy for justice-involved individuals.
  • 检查与个人相关的生物心理社会原则, social, and organizational problems and/or issues.


Your academic counselor will help schedule your courses for a Bachelor of Science in Correctional Program Support Services.

如果你位于凤凰城,这个课程可能会以混合的形式提供. 这意味着你将从凤凰城校区开始完成通识教育课程, 然后把你的核心课程转为在线学习.


The Bachelor of Science in Correctional Program Support Services is an educational degree program that provides a foundation or knowledge in the field of correctional program support services. This program does not prepare students for any type of professional certification or licensure as a correctional officer, 社工或顾问.

Careers & Outcomes

Careers & Outcomes


A BSCPSS degree can prepare you to be a:

  • 项目资格专家
  • Case Manager
  • 社会服务助理员


According to the 劳工统计局在美国,社会和社区服务经理的就业增长预计将是 faster than average between 2021 and 2031.



获得职业指导,resumé建设和面试准备,为生活. While outside career advising can cost over $200 an hour, 而在ope,它会直接嵌入到你的学位中,而不需要额外的费用.


You’ll have a team of advisors invested in your success from day one — dedicated to helping you build your confidence and a personalized career plan you can stick with.


ope体育官网是为忙碌的人而建的大学. Build your resumé, 准备面试,计划你的职业生涯——只要适合你的生活, day or night.

Networking & mentorship

通过虚拟招聘会和校友社区的网络, ope体育官网让你可以很容易地利用大学同龄人和同事的经验和联系.

You'll have a team of advisors at University of Phoenix



Paying for school

Tuition Guarantee



Cost per credit

Keep the same fixed, 从学位课程开始到结束的学费都是合理的, even if it takes longer than you planned. 这是ope体育官网的承诺:无论生活带来什么惊喜,你都可以依靠ope体育官网.

Up to $1 million in new scholarship opportunities this month.

Our scholarships aren’t just for the chosen few. ope体育官网将帮助您了解您有资格获得哪些奖学金,最高金额为3000美元.


转符合条件的大学学分,或者如果你已经完成了 和平警官标准和训练 (POST) or 基本惩教学院 培训,你可以申请相关经验评估为潜在的大学学分.



Enrollment representatives are ready to help

Need some help?

Our enrollment representatives provide personal support while you make an informed choice about going back to school. 通过电话844-937-8679与ope体育官网联系或每周7天与ope体育官网聊天.

Student Experience

Student Experience



Work toward your degree without giving up what matters most. Start your degree year-round and take one class at a time.

Online learning



你有一个支持团队,每周工作5天,每天工作20小时. ope体育官网的学术顾问, 谁会一直陪在你身边, 在90%的受访学生中获得了5星的评价.

Phoenix provides support and resources for busy students

Accreditation & Faculty

Accreditation & Faculty



ope由高等教育委员会(HLC)认证, 自1978年以来,ope一直得到高等教育委员会的认可.

real-world faculty






Of surveyed students would recommend their instructors

Doris Savron

Faculty Spotlight

作为一名教员,我和你是一伙的. 我是你的教练和啦啦队长.

Doris Savron
Vice Provost of Colleges, University of Phoenix



Bachelor of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Bachelor of Science in Public Administration


Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration

*虽然广泛适用,但并非所有项目都适用于所有州的居民. Please check with a University Enrollment Representative.